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Powder booths

The finishing plant range of powder booths are fabricated from folded galvanised steel panels, fixed together to form a rigid free standing and self-supporting structure. The hollow section base frame ensures that’s the booth can be lifted and placed in position easily.
Two high efficiency cartridge filters are located in the rear chamber every 1000mm and have an easily accessible holding frame to provide an effective seal against the internal filter support panel.
Extraction is provided by a direct driven centrifugal fan(s) drawing air through each filter and then discharging it back into the general working area. The filters can be cleaned both manually and every time the booth is switched off. A certified pressure vessel is mounted to one side of the main chamber which supplies air to all the internal pulsing nozzles/cones and ATEX rated connectors.

Product specs:

Modular construction - Can be delivered to site with preassembled extract chamber.

Both automatic and manual override on filter cleaning system incorporating finishing plants unique 'low flow' PLC controlled filter pulsing cycle.

Access hatches allow for maintenance and inspection

Simple collection trays for powder disposal

Controls panel built to the latest standards incorporating PLC technology and Siemens controls.

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Pressure gauges

Differential filter gauges are important additions to all spray booths that have disposable filter. They measure the drop in pressure across the filters and provide a visual indication of when the filters need replacing. All our powder booths come with filter gauges as standard.

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