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Large paint facility

A large paint facility was recently installed by Finishing Plant on a "turn key" basis which included; A robot spray booth, two open fronted booths, two paint mix rooms, two denib booths, cure oven, mesh conveyor, two over head conveyors and an air replacement plant.
The gas pipework, cutting and sealing of the holes in the roof, electrical installation and all commissioning was carried out by our own staff.

Robot spray booth:

This booth houses a robot which automatically applies stain to office furniture with minimum operator interface.
The booth has full width and height extraction to provide laminar airflow.
Various safety interlocks and access barriers are incorporated into the design preventing operator ingress whilst the robot is operational.

Conveyorised oven:

The conveyorised drying system comprises of two overhead and a floor mounted mesh conveyor.

This system has the capacity to dry various items of furniture at a temperature of between 35 – 65C

The system is fully automatic and incorporates a multi-channel chart recorder for temperature monitoring.

Air replacement plant:

The air replacement unit is designed to draw air in from outside, to heat and filter it prior to distributing it into the general working area.
A fully modulation direct gas fired burner is incorporated into the system to provide accurate temperature control with the control panel having fan invertor and PLC technology.

Paint mix rooms

Both paint mix rooms have low level extraction to remove solvents with replacement air being drawn into the enclosure with roof filters and top frame diffusers.

Denib benches

Light sanding is carried out in two denib booths each having multistage filtration.
Each booth incorporates various filter gauges and interlocks with prevent the air tools from operating unless pressure switches detech flow across each fan.

Open fronted spraybooths

Two 5000mm wide open fronted spray booths extract the paint over spray through twin stage extraction.
Each booth incorporated filter gauges ad interlcosk that prevent spraying unless pressure switches detect flow across each fan.
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