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Conveyorised ovens

Conveyorised ovens are preferred over box ovens for high production rates. Our conveyorised ovens are manufactured using 150mm insulated body panels and 50mm insulated floor panels.
The typical curing ranges are 180C-220C. Drying ovens are manufactured using 100mm insulated panels as standard due to the lower operating temperatures. Higher temperature stainless steel ovens are available for temperatures in excess of 250C.

Air seals

All our conveyorised ovens are supplied with high efficiency entry and exit silhouettes.

The horizontal and vertical distribution grills create an effective shield across the entry and exit openings designed to keep the heat within the oven and to help prevent cooler workshop air being drawn into the openings.

Our air seals are designed to capture any hot air escaping from the oven and to force it back into the heated zone to reduce heat loss and improve working efficiencies.
Further improvements can be made by incorporating motor inverters.

Oven calibration

Data logs are carried out as the final part of oven commissioning. Our 6 channel data loggers check the temperature distribution within the oven, any hot or cold spots will be eliminated with further distribution grill adjustments. Data loggers are calibrated annually for guaranteed accuracy.
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