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Box ovens

With many years of experience within the paint finishing industry Finishing Plant Ltd can offer a range of industrial process ovens to meet your specific needs.
We can supply low temperature ovens suitable for solvent and water based materials and ovens suitable for powder coating which typically range between 180C-220C.
High temperature stainless steel ovens are also available suitable for temperatures in excess of 250C.
All our ovens are available with either natural gas, propane or electrical heating.

Our ovens are available in various specifications from our brand new "Eco" oven to a high efficiency model with invertor controlled fans, insulated floors and fully modulating gas/air ratio burners.

High temperature box ovens

Our high temperature ovens are manufactured with 150mm thick panels, with the inner skin being stainless steel. The insulating material being a combination of ceramic fibre blanket and heavy density rockwool. All fan blades are manufactured from stainless steel.

Oven calibration

Data logs are carried out as the final part of oven commissioning. Our 6 channel data loggers check the temperature distribution within the oven, any hot or cold spots will be eliminated with further distribution grill adjustments. Data loggers are calibrated annually for guaranteed accuracy.
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